Sunday, August 26, 2007

Internal Conflict

As a follow up from Zombloke II's post and my post from before, let us imagine a scenario.

Lets say, you have found some companions.

And you are holed up in a fortress comparable to Alcatraz, with large supplies of food, drink, weaponry and well guarded escape routes.

You use your radio to call in some help.

Unfortunately, its gonna take between 2-3 months for the army to come, and you're settled in for the long wait.

What do you not do?
Internal conflict.

Never, ever, ever, EVER come into conflict with your companions. Its simply not worth it, everyone dies at the end.

Hasn't anyone noticed that the salient feature of most zombie movies is internal conflict? And this conflict is most often lethal - In 28 days later, the army wants to keep the female protagonists as breeders (forcibly) and they later die. In dawn of the dead, the security guards keep the rescuees imprisoned to prevent them from stealing shit. At the end, they all die.

Even if the conflict does not precipitate into a deadly situation, for an example, in a scuffle, you accidentally blow open one of the sealed entrances, it would definitely at least precipitate into a situation whereby badblood inteferes with circumstances which require teamwork.

Thus, application of F-R-I-E-N-D-S is necessary.

Food (carbohydrates makes people happier)
Romance (oh my!)
Idiotic behaviour (a big no-no)
Ediotic behaviour (is bad too)
No arguments
Decode all differences
Suck on an ice-cream cone to make yourself not angry

Everyone should be FRIENDS!


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