Monday, September 24, 2007

Ah They Feast!

"We're safe for now." said Charlie as he peeked out the tinted windows of the MegaToys store, turning to face his recently acquired 'comrades'. There were two others trapped with him within the linoleum confines of the shop; Ted, a sallow, raven-haired man from the infamous Homeboyz clan and Simon, a giant man, playing quarterback for the local Monroeville Maulers football team. The three indeed made for a bizarre party, but nothing as bizarre as the situation these men found themselves in.

For prowling around right outside their little hideaway in the deserted atrium of the Monroeville Mall were four lumbering cadavers; Zombies, brought back to life by an alien plague.

Charlie stepped away from the plexi-glass planes, casting a worried look at the makeshift barricade holding the door shut. It had been hastily cobbled together using the cashier's counter and several large toy bins; it would easily come to pieces in a large enough attack, if it came. Charlie shuddered at the thought of the grizzly demise that awaited the survivors should the zombies breach the perimeter. It would be best to have a contingency plan... a sacrifice. He glanced around again, none of the men said a word, merely sitting in the darkness, thinking, scheming.

The sudden violent sounds of flesh on wood shook them out of their reverie. Three pairs of eyes shot up towards the door, fearfully watching as it rattled on its hinges, the ad-hoc barrier barring the door vibrating violently as it began slipping back, the eerie screech of metal on tile shooting through their minds like nails on a blackboard. Charlie hopped up, crouched, ready to spring at any moment. His companions followed suit, ready to fight, or run.

But nothing happened. A few seconds later, deathly silence returned to the cold, dark store.

For a while they stood still, breathing sighs of relief as the deathly groans of the zombies echoed off into the distance. Scrambling forward, they quickly reinforced their fortifications, throwing more and more objects into the path of the door. Still, there was no way it was going to hold.

"Well, I don't know bout you two but I'm bailing. The shit has hit the fan chums, I'm out." Simon grunted as he slid the window of the shop open, tumbling out into the corridors. The two looked on, a maelstrom of thoughts churning in their minds. Simon had left, miraculously slipping through the tiny window, which could only mean one thing. With two of them left, they were as good as dead. Charlie cast a glance at Ted. The man seemed unfazed, walking forward to close the window that Simon had left open in his hasty flight.

Well, he's certainly calm. Charlie receded further back into the store, seeking comfort in the darkness of the shop's rear. It was useless really, the shop was largely empty, most of the contents which lined its interior were stacked up against the rickety door. Charlie held his breath, the zombies' attempts at breaking in came at regular intervals, when they had mustered their numbers and the blood lust reached its peak.

He did not wait long. Again the terrible moans picked up in intensity and frequency as the zombie hordes threw themselves tirelessly at the door, their combined weight finally succeeding in overcoming their defenses. The door swung open with a loud smash, its hinges creaking dangerously as it launched the bins, desk and all across the room. Standing in the door frame was a humanoid silhouette, its head slightly askew, an arm bent funny. It stumbled forth, drawing ragged breaths. No, it was no longer breathing. It was dead.

Charlie froze in place as the zombies began lumbering through the door, awkwardly negotiating across the hardware strewn all over the floor. He remembered Ted, Where was that fellow? Charlie knew it was time, he knew he could easily out-muscle the lankier man. He would buy Charlie some time to escape, or try to.

Charlie kept backing up, retreating from the incoming zombies. There wasn't much of the store left to back into. Suddenly, he felt the cool steel of a muzzle at the back of his neck. Charlie froze, aghast; his plan was not going to work. As long as Ted was armed, he knew he stood no chance. The zombies would feast on him, dead or alive, their only want was the raw flesh of Man.

"Terribly sorry mate. But it's a dog-eat-dog world and this Homeboy'z not gonna die here. Now be a dear and stop that zombie horde for me will ya?" A tinge of malice coated Ted's voice. Charlie swore he could feel the man's smirk burn into the back of his head. His body went numb. Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea there was no way out. Charlie cursed under his breath. It was a piteous way to die, especially at the maws of the very denizens of hell. Still, there was nothing he could do.

Charlie barely registered the zombies closing in around him, their canines piercing skin, jaws closing around his body. They hungrily bit down, drawing blood and ripping flesh. Charlie screamed at the pain, he screamed at the injustice, he screamed till his throat was ruptured by the ever-hungry jowl of a zombie.

Watching from the darkest safest corner of the store, it was hard for Ted not to feel sorry for the man. After all, they had been hiding together since the zombies first stormed the mall. Still, survival was in the betrayal. He had read that in a fortune cookie somewhere or something. He grinned evilly, tucking the toy pistol into the back of his jeans. They sure make them realistic these days He thought, marveling at the stroke of luck of finding it in the bargain bin when they first set-up their barricade. It would be undoubtedly be useful. Ted watched the zombies disperse, the freshly mangled corpse of Charlie lay on the linoleum floor, a pool of red seeping forth from the carcass. Ted stifled a barf, pushing the corpse out with a stick.

He closed the door and replaced the barricade.


As you've all realized by now we at MB-1 have acquired a realistic zombie invasion simulator. This is but one of the sad sordid fates that were played out as we plunged various men women and children into the nightmarish scenarios that we strive endlessly to prevent.

It is our hope that through this simulator we will be better able to protect and preserve human lives.

Failing which, we'll just have a shit load of fun waiting for the end of the world!

Happy Trails,
Zombloke II

Potpourri Purveyor
Disciple of the fearless Jaans

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