Sunday, September 23, 2007


Hello once again.

It has been quite some time since a post has surfaced, except for Zombloke III's manic post. He is slowly losing his mind to the dredges of time and space, and we are trying our best to save his body to use for menial slave labour. A mindless zombloke slave, how positively advantageous!

Anyway, we have more important things to talk about. The best defence is a good offense, they say, but I beg to differ. As mentioned before, a barricade is of utmost importance in holding a location, and most simple barricades are enough to keep the mindless ones out. For an example, locked glass doors of a mall would be enough to keep zombies out (curse automation and the day it was born). Let us look at several means of forming a barricade.

1) Nails and planks of wood.

Ah, the most common form of barricade. The big problem is that zombies tend to be able to break through these barricades most of the time. The power of muscle and sinew prevails, the age of steel and wood is long gone. Using massive amounts of manpower (or zombiepower), one can accomplish almost anything! (I refer you to China as a rising economic superpower)

Usefulness of this barricade: 2.32 / 10

2) Locked Glass Doors

The classic barricade when you are stuck in a mall. Most types of glass are strong enough to withstand the beating of fists. Typical compressed glass has an Ultimate Strength (U.S, maximum amount of stress a material can withstand) of 50 MPa, which, compared to Wood, which only has an U.S of 40 MPa, is much stronger. The big problem is that there are no means to deliver rest to the zombies laying siege to the location, because you cannot shoot or stab through glass doors without compromising its tensile strength.

Usefulness of this barricade: 6.13 / 10

3) Modded Truck, reinforced with steel and weaponry

Ah, the best defence is a good offence. Maybe I was wrong after all. This is not the typical static barricade, but it may prove itself more useful. Why? One, it allows you movement, and gives everyone a sense of direction (like, "Okay, im going to drive my friends and I to help"). As the days melt into weeks, and the weeks into months, the lack of direction could prove more dangerous than the zombies. Suddenly, wielding that fire-axe and rushing out into a mob of zombies in gung-ho fashion looks very inviting.... Two, steel is a strong material, and, in comparison to wood and glass, has an U.S of 400 - 1860 MPa. Three, the gaps in the reinforcements allow the occupants to unleash death in the form of chain saws, shot guns, grenades or even spears. The problem with this is that you can't store many supplies due to lack of space. So, the end-point of travelling in these trucks have to be clear.

Usefulness of this barricade: 7.96 / 10

This post will only cover these 3 barricades. There are many other forms of barricades, and I urge everyone to think of their own forms of barricades, but keep in mind the strength of the materials used, the ability to use weaponry through the barricade, as well as the feasibility of the barricade (e.g, if you are at home, don't even think of the truck, unless you happen to be a certain Yugoslavian I know, who keeps monster trucks around to play with).


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