Thursday, September 6, 2007


What the hell is the point of exams when the world is about to get screwed over by a zombie invasion?

Will knowing the Human Development Index help?
No, everybody's probably going to be dead.
Dead Human Development Index - 0 across the board.

What about knowing calculus?
Calculate the number of zombies swarming around your secured area?

What about Chemistry?
Nitroglycerine (i think, gotta confirm with Zombloke II, HL chem freak on a leash) helps with making bombs...

What about the history of the Vietnam war?
the 4 quicks of guerilla warfare, probably could help...
and setting up booby traps..

Wait a minute... exams are pretty useful!

What the hell are YOU waiting for. Get working!

Study hard, if not for good grades and the chance to get into a good university, then for the incoming zombie invasion! Intellect is the best advantage we have over these zombies!


Mugging for all humanity.

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