Tuesday, November 6, 2007



Seems like obsession about zombies and how they are probably going to take over the world has hit commercial status.

I'd probably kick ass at this game, but then I'd probably be busy killing demons or something.

If you haven't noticed yet, I am using probably freely and indiscriminately.

Cos, I don't need to calculate the probability of anything anymore!! WOOPEE!!

Zombloke I


Krugmeister said...

Other zombie MMORPG include www.zombiepandemic.com and www.urbandead.com

free mmorpg said...

hehe very nice link, thanks

sk8r_idiot1233 said...

yes...very nice links indeed... while urbandead.com is one of those lame text games (like: you go here, what will u do?) and zombiepandemic.com isnt open 2 the public yet... very nice links. now here a good link for you:
its a 2d game (not a text simulator thing)and its really fun!I play this game and I'm a lvl 18 w/ an M16 (which'll be called Old Faithful once I become a member, it saved my life like 10 times), an HK UMP, and a Bowie Knife (MC) 4/4/4, and a XR22-Mesh armor or whatever has 30% damage absorption. My character name is Jheese! I'll be willing to do something like that some time or go to Death Row or something...