Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Annals of the Great Warrior Wu Zhun

Amongst the assorted DVDs, old toothbrushes, used bongs, powerful ancient relics and newspapers strewn across the MB-1 storage room floor lies an ancient compendium of knowledge. A powerful tome once thought lost to civilization, only to be ingeniously recovered by the imagination of a single being. It is an ancient log of the world's first Zombie Invasion, a journal filled with trials and tribulations, hopes and fears, women and wine, song and dance, swords and spears, owls and donkeys and yeah, zombies too.

We have worked very hard to repair the age-worn parchment, utilizing the tried and true combination of word processors and boredom, in order to present to our readers the story of one man.

And now, for the first time ever, his life will finally be brought to light after 4 millennia of darkness and desolation.

50% Man, 30% Warrior, 15% Chinese Guy, 4% Anarchist, 1% Bald and 152.67% Muscle.

He is.

Wu Zhun.

This is his story.

First entry will be uploaded after I remember that Retinol is used in the synthesis of Rhodopsin which is the pigment in the rod-cells of the eye which are responsible for black and white vision in dim light.

Zombloke Two
Option A
Option G
11 Days

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