Friday, December 14, 2007

This is a message from the governing body of all anti-zombie organizations, the AAS.
We regrettably inform you that we have recalled several of our key operatives for a refresher course in HTZ (Human To Zombie) Combat. This course will occur over several months and operatives are thereby restricted from making excess contact with the outside world for the duration of the course.


Now that you've taken a glance at the above 'secret' communique, I'm here to tell your our very convincing (mostly because it's true) cover story.

It appears that most of the staff of MB-1 has been called up for enlistment into National Service (NS). Hence, it is with the deepest sorrow that we inform you of our departure. Lead elements of MB-1 will be enlisting tomorrow (since we're so awesome) and therefore you can expect an abrupt halt to the knowledge that flows from our unified conscience.

Fret not however, for there will be chances for us to deseminate our newfound knowledge to the masses and make no mistake, we shall seize these opportunities by their very balls.

So for now, so long brothers and sisters of Humanity. We shall speak with you soon enough!

For AAS!
Zombloke 2
Pes Z (Zombie Killing Machine Of Doom)
Here Today
Gone Tomorrow

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