Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Still In Disbelief That This Has Never Been Brought Up

In a special edition update to a previous post on people-you'd-most-likely-want-by-your-side-in-a-Zombie-Invasion, I, Derrick Wolfgang Peterson II, present the ultimate fighting buddy in a Zombie Invasion.

Her name? Alice.

Yes, the psychic, knife wielding, Ukrainian super model is without a doubt the one person you'd want on your side and watching your back in a zombie invasion. Packing five hydrogen bombs worth of explosive force in her icy-cold stare alone, Milla Jovovich is no stranger to the art of zombie slaughter.

With new-found zombie killing Tassadar-esque psionic abilities, the power in her lithe frame is without a doubt the most valuable asset ever!

Just try to stay on her good side. Her opponents often find themselves addled with horrible mutations and cheesier wits.


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