Monday, October 29, 2007



Intermittent electricity in our underground base has resulted in inconsistent posting.

Recently, our A.I, zombie sense (A.K.A sixth sense for detecting zombies or Zomsense) has been tingling.

Unfortunately, Zomsense isn't always very accurate, and warning signals are sent when there is a multitude of people whose minds are focused on just one thing. (For zombies, that would be human flesh)

I recieved such a huge input today that it reached "Critical Zombie Invasion" Level.

Something this massive should have turned up on the news...

Suspecting a government conspiracy, i did some investigative work.

"Exam schedules
External examinations for candidates for the IB diploma are given twice a year, in May and in November."

Ah. right.

Hordes of IB students around the world have only one things on their mind: IBDP Exams.

Good luck.

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