Monday, October 15, 2007



In every zombie invasion there comes the need for heroes. These heroes can easily be any common person, as my experience last week proved. Tim Seow the chairman, common high school student, is to be exalted as a hero, and I now here have an epic poem composed for him.

Chairman Seow (Written in blank verse)
In the distant lands of ACS (I)
There exists a cruel, bestial being
Rend! Murder! His reign of blood and terror
For four years the tyrant ruled and slaughtered
The peoples cried for a hero to save
Them from the Man Bist Darren Chew Wei Sheng
But none dared to free the land from this scourge
One day the prayers were answered and he came
Clad in shining breastplate, greaves, sword and shield
O! What a wonderful sight to behold
He took the stand, steely gaze upon them
Proclaiming, with a flourish of trumpets,
"My name", he said, with a booming baritone
"Is Timothy Seow, your chairman-leader,
I will lead you to slay the bist, have faith!"
With that the .16 army gathered
With Tim Seow at the helm of the peoples
To face the man bist Darren in his lair.
As the army approached the den of evil
The unwitting Bist, feasting upon flesh
At ease in his undisputed kingdom
Was soon to be displaced, by the Chairman
The army fell upon the Bist, hacking
Encouraged by their superior numbers
But the Bist was not to be undone now
Summoning ungodly strength, the Bist fought
Men were killed by the score, I saw Ethan
Dragged down from his saddle, torn into shreds
The movement faltered, Alas! all was lost!
But Chairman Tim Seow came into the fray
Moving, sword swinging, voice booming, GLORIOUS!
But the magnitude of the Man Bist's strength
Gargantuan, not to be comprehended
He swung his claw, and Chairman Seow was slain
Beloved leader struck down where he stood
From his sacrifice rose anger and thirst
For revenge, blood-debt paid by Bistblood
A resounding cry rose and the spirit
To fight was stirred up in the men, "FOR SEOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
As one we stood and took the ManBist down
Screaming its hatred it could do nothing
Against the Spirit of the Chairman Seow
And so it was that the ManBist was slain
Not by the strength of the ACSian knighthood
But by the valiant sacrifice of Seow
Nothing on Earth lasts forever and ever
But the name of Seow will live on evermore
Our magnificent chairman Tim Seow

Zombloke I

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